AirBridgeCargo Airlines and Sonoco ThermoSafe have signed an agreement for the lease of PharmaPort 360 temperature-controlled containers.


According to the carrier, the agreement will bolster its delivery options for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and guarantee a broader choice of containers available for these consignments.


Self Photos / Files - RU+Sonoco

“We have been consistently developing and upgrading our abc pharma product, offering our customers dedicated airlift for both passive and active ways of transportation,” said Fedor Novikov, deputy director of products at AirBridgeCargo. “With PharmaPort 360 being available for lease, we can guarantee another much-needed air freight solution for pharmaceutical goods with precise temperature mode conditions and requirements to maintain an internal environment of 5°C. This is a quantum leap for our dedicated product, and we expect it to ramp up our volumes, as well as to gain interest in our services from new customers.”


The PharmaPort 360 container maintains the required temperature in various ambient temperatures from +60°C to -40°C and can be easily loaded onto standard NAS Series air cargo pallets. Its built-in GPS tracking and GPS monitoring systems allow for transparent and accurate information to be available in real time. In combination with ABC’s Control Tower 24/7, the possibility of any temperature deviations will be eliminated, giving customers extra reassurance of the safety and integrity of their shipments.


“We are very pleased to have this important agreement with AirBridgeCargo Airlines,” said Christopher Day [left in photo], director of business development and innovation at Sonoco ThermoSafe. “Their focus on specialized temperature-controlled cargo fits perfectly with the specialized thermal and data technology in the PharmaPort 360. As always, our focus is to make it as easy as possible for pharmaceutical shippers and forwarders to directly lease PharmaPort 360s from the leading airlines around the globe, and we are delighted to partner with AirBridgeCargo Airlines to do so.”


The abc pharma team managed to achieve a volume growth of more than 15% in the first three months of 2019, according to AirBridgeCargo.