Cirium, an aviation analytics company said passenger jet flight activity continue to tracks upwards in most regions but Europe struggles.


In a statement, Cirium said daily passenger jet flight activity has increased across most regions over recent days, with the recovery still led by the Asia Pacific region.


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APAC leads recovery while Europe struggles


On November 10, in particular, Cirium said it saw total arrivals down just under 36% compared with the equivalent day last year. North America was at -46%, followed by Latin America (-51%) and Middle East (-60%).


"The notable exception was Europe where weekly average flight arrivals have dropped to nearly 67% below last year’s level, setting the continent’s recovery back to a level of decline last seen in mid-July," Cirium said.


It noted that rising Covid-19 cases and re-imposed national lockdowns in countries including France and the UK have prompted many of the region’s airlines to further pare back capacity and return some aircraft to storage.


There remained a huge disparity in the level of international flights versus domestic, with cross-border services languishing at 76% below last year compared with -34% for intra-country operations.

"At November 11 Cirium classified 31% of the global passenger jet fleet as having in-storage status, equivalent to just over 8,100 aircraft. However, in Europe, the proportion was over 35%, whereas only 21% of passenger jets operated by Asia Pacific carriers were inactive," Cirium further said.