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May 2, 2017

UPS has appointed Mark Vale as its president of growth and emerging markets.


Self Photos / Files - Mark ValeAccording to UPS, Vale succeeds Derek Woodward, who retired after 32 years with the company. Vale will strengthen and expand the company’s market reach and capabilities in developing and emerging markets around the world.


“I am looking forward to focusing on helping UPS customers connect to emerging markets throughout the world,” Vale said. “This is where new trade corridors are being developed and fresh opportunities are opening. I am extremely encouraged by the dynamism and passion I see at UPS to help customers and countries reach their potential in growth and emerging markets.”


Vale joined UPS in 1988 and has worked in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the US. He has been the company’s corporate controller and international chief financial officer.


“Mark brings the global insight, experience and leadership that will help lead UPS to its next phases of expansion,” said Jim Barber, president of UPS International. “We continue to increase and enhance our international product and facility footprint, driven by cross-border and local market growth.”


He added that, according to The World Bank, emerging markets and developing economies are poised for 4.2% growth in 2017, compared to the global growth estimate of 2.9%.


“Connecting customers to economic opportunities requires a network of logistics and supply chain experts,” said Barber. “We look forward to Mark helping align UPS’s global capabilities to meet customers’ needs.”

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