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August 9, 2017

Peak Scientific, a manufacturer of gas generators for analytical laboratories, has signed an partnership agreement with SEKO Logistics to help optimize its supply chain with enhanced visibility, reporting and cost-saving solutions.


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SEKO is now helping Glasgow-based Peak to serve the Chinese and US markets with in-territory stock, shipping products by sea in bulk rather than shipping single units by air.


“Peak Scientific has chosen SEKO as a logistics partner due to the visibility it provides to our business, which is a particular bonus given the scale and global footprint Peak has,” said David Williamson, global supply chain and logistics manager at Peak Scientific. “We have been actively going through a logistic change procedure to optimize our supply chain and SEKO has been integral to this process. We expect this to contribute to sales growth by giving us a competitive advantage in that we can supply customers more quickly than our competitors. Logistical agility you could call it.”


SEKO’s advanced shipment visibility and reporting tools provide real-time updates, ensuring that Peak’s customers receive accurate and timely updates of products. Peak also receives detailed data from SEKO so that it can see and manage the performance of its suppliers.


“Peak Scientific has achieved tremendous growth and its supply chain is critical to this success,” said Ronnie Scobie, director of SEKO Logistics in Scotland. “Like many other companies that partner with SEKO, they have recognized the value of our visibility and reporting tools as well as our ability to offer more efficient transportation solutions. With the improvements we know we can deliver, we hope to play a growing role in Peak’s future expansion all over the world.”

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