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October 13, 2017

APL has launched Eagle GO Guaranteed, a new product which promises equipment and vessel space on board all of the shipping line’s North America-destined services that call at Cai Mep, Ningbo, Shanghai and Yantian.


“APL’s Eagle GO Guaranteed seeks to address the concerns of equipment and vessel space shortages as the trans-Pacific trading season goes full steam,” said Jesper Stenbak, senior vice president of the trans-Pacific trade at APL. “It guarantees priority shipments on APL services, allowing shippers to optimally capitalize on the year-end holiday shopping season.”


According to APL, Eagle GO Guaranteed is applicable to 20 US-bound services from the four Asian ports, including 14 services heading to the West Coast and six loops to the East Coast.


In addition to Eagle GO Guaranteed, APL’s suite of Eagle Guaranteed services also includes Eagle GET Guaranteed, which promises discharge of cargo in Los Angeles within 12 hours of commencement of vessel cargo operations, and Eagle REACH Guaranteed, which promises day-definite arrival of containers on the EX1 service to railyards in six US cities. Each product is backed by a money-back guarantee.


“Together with our EX1 service, this range of Eagle Guaranteed products further differentiates APL in the market place,” said Stenbak. “This comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions is tailor-made for the different needs of our customers. We are confident that this premium product will offer shippers their desired predictability for a critical competitive advantage.”

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