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March 1, 2018

ACL Airshop has appointed Marc Terpstra to the role of board advisor.


Terpstra was previously managing director of international for over 10 years and has been with the company and its predecessors since the merger of Airshop BV and Airline Container Leasing Inc. He was the CEO of Airshop BV and played a key role in the recapitalization of the ACL and Airshop enterprises.


In 2016, Terpstra and other senior shareholders negotiated for several institutional companies and Ranger Aerospace to invest in ACL Airshop. He remains a key advisor to the board of directors at parent company Ranger Airshop Holdings, Inc., is a substantial shareholder, and will be an ongoing mentor to the company’s management and its investors.


“The international growth of ACL Airshop has been a huge success because of leaders like Marc Terpstra,” said Steve Townes, founder of Ranger Aerospace and CEO of Ranger Airshop Holdings. “He and I are kindred spirits in many ways, starting with our customer focus and people focus. It’s an honour to be his partner in this admirable enterprise.”


Noteworthy accomplishments in Terpstra’s 25-year leadership career include introducing one-way ULD leasing, expanding ACL Airshop’s client count to over 200 airlines, creating strategic alliances with ground handlers and freight forwarders, and building ACL’s worldwide presence in from five airports to almost 50 in under 10 years.


“We are entrepreneurs,” said Terpstra. “We look at our business through the lens of our airlines and cargo customers. That is what drives our mission. The larger we make the international network, the more valuable we are to our customers. We are the global leader in custom ULD solutions. Our equipment now serves over 200 airlines clients. I look forward to helping the executive team that I helped promote and coach to now take ACL Airshop to new altitudes of service, quality and success.”


The company plans to ramp up its hub investments around the world in 2018 and beyond.


“Customers should know this enterprise is in good hands,” Terpstra said. “A powerful board. A highly experienced CEO. And most importantly, the executives who drive our success day-to-day in each region are the best in the industry. Our expansion strategy is exciting and well capitalized: we are creating the strongest niche leader for custom ULD solutions in the world. Our customers are delighted, and our competitors are worried – those are good dynamics. We are winners.”

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