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March 7, 2018

The CMA CGM Group has introduced its customer centricity strategy which will become a core priority of the company’s development.


According to CMA CGM, customer experience management has become a strategic necessity to satisfy customer demands, deliver consistent and rewarding service, and strengthen customer relationships.


CMA CGM will offer customers more timely and relevant information, and make better use of the information. The company is investing in analytics and business intelligence to create seamless multichannel customer service capabilities and to improve responsiveness.


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In the coming months, the group will also launch new products to meet customers’ expectations. These will include a new finance solution to help customers expand their business abroad; a digital agency enabling 100% digital interactions between CMA CGM and customers with advanced online customer service such as one-step booking, a chat application, online dispute and claims, document self-service, a reporting dashboard and simplified and more user-friendly interfaces; a personalized assistant to help customers reach new markets; and new logistics solutions such as advanced hubs to accelerate customers’ supply chains as well as enhanced inventory visibility and accuracy.


In addition, smart containers will become standard for CMA CGM’s customers. These containers are developed in partnership with and powered by TRAXENS, and will allow for near real-time information even during inland transport, including geographic position, external and internal temperature variations, humidity variations, shocks and door openings; personalized alerts, visibility of aberrations in supply chains; geo-fencing notifications; and container unloading notifications.


CMA CGM will analyze the large amount of data that will be collected from the introduction of smart containers in order to improve the service it provides to customers.


The shipping line has already developed a range of new products and services over the past few months to enhance the customer experience, including Cargo Value Serenity, which covers any kind of cargo incident no matter who is responsible, REEFLEX, which enables the refrigerated carriage of liquids, online payment using the company’s eBusiness portal, and a search tool for inland tariffs and solutions.


Customer centricity was highlighted as one of the company’s core strategies by Rodolphe Saadé, chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, in 2017.

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