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April 24, 2018

DoKaSch Temperature Solutions has expanded its operations in North America by creating DoKaSch Americas Inc. and appointing Douglas Wettergren as its CEO.


According to DoKaSch, Wettergren is based in San Francisco and will mainly focus on sales and business development of the company’s Opticooler RAP and RKN containers to pharmaceutical and forwarding companies.


Self Photos / Files - Douglas Wettergren


“Douglas knows the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, especially regarding cool-chain transports from the inside out,” said Andreas Seitz, managing director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions. “Douglas will focus on our clients across the United States and Canada.”


DoKaSch’s temperature-controlled Opticoolers have been based at designated locations in the US since 2017 in order to provide them quickly to clients across North America. Delivery is almost free of charge in two large areas.


Wettergren is currently serving on the Bio Supply Management Alliance Steering Committee and is an advisory board member of the International Quality and Productivity Center in Chicago and Boston. He has also been a member of the Parenteral Drug Association since 2007.


“I am excited to join DoKaSch”, said Wettergren. “I see many opportunities for Opticoolers in the US and beyond. Our technical features, extraordinary reliability and availability policy provide us a unique opportunity to offer something special. Due to our comprehensive network in the USA and Canada, we can serve clients quickly and dependably. It is truly a fantastic opportunity to be involved in expanding such a high level of quality to the global market.”


Opticoolers are equipped with battery-powered cooling compressors and heaters and feature self-regulating temperature control so that the internal temperature consistently stays within a defined range regardless of the ambient temperature, according to DoKaSch.

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