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May 31, 2018

APL has enhanced its Eagle Express X service with more expeditious last-mile delivery of import cargo and same-day cargo availability at the Global Gateway South Terminal at the Port of Los Angeles.


According to APL, it will deploy a fully wheeled operation at GGS, supported by a chassis pool, container yard and truck in-gate lanes that are dedicated to the EXX service. The original plan for the service was to facilitate cargo collection at an off-dock facility in Los Angeles.


“APL’s enhanced EXX service reflects our desire to further accelerate our customers’ speed to market and take last-mile delivery of their US West Coast-bound cargoes to the next level,” said Jesper Stenbak, senior vice president of the trans-Pacific trade lane at APL. “In securing resources at GGS for the sole benefit of EXX shipments, we reduce the complexity and additional transit time incurred when transferring these cargoes to an off-dock facility. The refined EXX service will, thus, enable shippers to achieve a greater ease of collection and swifter delivery of cargoes to the local California market,”


EXX shipments will be discharged from the ship directly to a dedicated fleet of brand new, GPS-enabled chassis equipment. To further speed up the collection of cargo, separate terminal in-gate lanes will be reserved to allow trucks to move more efficiently.


The EXX service was announced in February 2018 and is a weekly connection between China and the US West Coast. The service calls at the ports of Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Dutch Harbour, Yokohama and Busan, offering an 11-day transit from Shanghai to Los Angeles.


The first sailing of the EXX service will depart Ningbo on August 2, 2018.

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