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July 27, 2018

The board of Harbor Commissioners at the Port of Long Beach has elected Tracy Egoscue as its president.


Self Photos / Files - Tracy Egoscue [2]According to the port, the five-member board has also elected Bonnie Lowenthal as vice president and Frank Colonna as secretary. The commission selects a president and other board officers for one-year terms every July.


“I am honoured to be afforded this opportunity by my fellow commissioners,” said Egoscue. “I look forward to working with each individually as well as collectively as we pursue what is best for the port and the city of Long Beach.”


Egoscue is the owner and founder of the Long Beach-based environmental law firm the Egoscue Law Group Inc., and a former deputy attorney general for the state of California. She was appointed to her first six-year term by Mayor Robert Garcia in September 2014. In 2017, she was elected by the board to a one-year term as vice president.


Under the City Charter, the board is responsible for settling policy for the port and managing the Harbor Department. Commissioners also direct the port’s executive director, who in turn manages the more-than-500-person staff in the development and promotion of the Port of Long Beach.

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