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August 23, 2018

Maersk Line has begun distributing its rates digitally to shippers, freight forwarders and NVOCCs through CargoSphere’s electronic Smart Upload and Diagnostics Solution and the CargoSphere Rate Mesh.


“We are very excited that our collaboration with CargoSphere has allowed us to take this important step in making it easier for our customers,” said Liezel du Toit, senior director and senior product owner of Price to Contract at Maersk Line. “Our customers should be spending time on their business, not on updating our rates in their systems!”


Benefits to customers of 100% digital rate distribution include time and cost savings, improved data accuracy, online access to timely rates for better decision making, faster reconciliation of invoices and faster quoting to customers for freight forwarders and NVOCCs.


“We’re pleased to offer 100% digital rate distribution on the CargoSphere platform to improve rate management efficiency to the industry,” said Carsten Frank Olsen, senior director and global head of e-commerce at Maersk Line. “This move is part of the Maersk Line digital transformation and helps us to offer advanced, industry-leading digital solutions that improve the customer experience. Our customers require a faster and simpler way to manage freight rates and CargoSphere is delivering the advanced technology to achieve this.”


Neil Barni, managing director of CargoSphere, said that digital ocean rate distribution removes many of the manual processes that have acted as a drag on rates management for many years.


“Having Maersk Line go live on the CargoSphere platform is a big signal of its intent to transform its own key processes and the industry solutions it takes to market,” he said. “This is a win for productivity and the customer experience.”

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