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November 8, 2018

ContainerWeight has launched its online container tare weight database.


According to the company, the database covers almost the complete global fleet and provides complete data on tare weights and container size-type codes. Freight forwarding platform Flexport is a key customer and will integrate the tare weight data into its system.


“We know how difficult the VGM documentation process can be, and that there was a gap in the data available,” said Jasper Nagtegaal, co-founder and CEO of ContainerWeight. “With ContainerWeight, we’ve been able to include almost 100% of the global fleet with complete accuracy, which will help make the shipping industry more efficient and safer. We’re bringing high-quality, accurate data to the shipping industry at a critical time.”


Both Flexport and ContainerWeight have validated the data using actual, global shipper data, which has proven to be 99% consistent.


“We’re a data-driven organization, so data integrity and efficiency are key to us,” said Jan van Casteren, vice president of Europe at Flexport. “One of our goals is to provide outstanding customer service, and having access to the shipping industry's most accurate data on tare weights will allow us to continue to provide world-class support for our clients.”


ContainerWeight obtained its data through secure access to millions of photos of container doors taken at terminals worldwide. The database offers an API that gives customers immediate access to the tare weight of any box available for specific container numbers. This data can be used by a shipper or a third party to calculate the verified gross mass of a container in accordance with the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea.


ContainerWeight is based at the Port of Rotterdam and updates its database on a daily basis.

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