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January 10, 2019

Unilode Aviation Solutions has extended its unit load device management agreement with AirAsia X, the long-haul affiliate of low-cost carrier AirAsia.


According to Unilode, the agreement will now be in effect until 2023.


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“AirAsia X is one of the fastest-growing long-haul, low-cost airlines in the world with more than 100 widebody aircraft on order, an increasing cargo business and a pipeline of new destinations to be added to its network,” said Benoît Dumont, CEO of Unilode. “Unilode continuously enhances its ULD management service by taking its customers’ input, expectations and business objectives into account and is committed to support AirAsia X’s ambitious growth plans with customer-focused and innovative ULD solutions. We are pleased to renew our agreement with AirAsia X for the second time during our partnership, which proves the long-term value that Unilode delivers to its airline customers.”


AirAsia X flies to around 30 destinations in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East from hubs in Bangkok, Denpasar and Kuala Lumpur, using a fleet of Airbus A330-300s. Cargo space on all of AirAsia Group’s aircraft is exclusively sold and managed by wholly owned subsidiary RedCargo Logistics.


“AirAsia X has been Unilode’s loyal customer since 2009 and throughout their partnership has relied on Unilode’s support, expertise and flexibility to supply containers and pallets that meet its exponential passenger and cargo growth and the network demands placed on its widebody fleet,” said Pete Chareonwongsak, CEO of RedCargo Logistics. “Unilode’s commitment to invest in a mutually beneficial partnership has convinced AirAsia X that the renewed ULD management agreement will further drive efficiencies, load capacity and the digitalization of its cargo business powered by RedCargo. RedCargo Logistics relies on partnerships like the one being announced today, as it aims to maximize revenue-generating belly space across all AirAsia and AirAsia X services.”

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