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January 30, 2019

ECS Group has launched TCE, a new department which will be able to integrate every aspect of an airline’s cargo activities.


According to ECS, TCE stands for Total Cargo Expertise and is the first structure of its kind to be created within a general sales and service agent. TCE will share its total cargo management expertise with airlines but will also be able to offer each of its services individually, based on the client’s performance and needs.


TCE is able to manage the traditional sale of cargo capacity, all operational aspects, as well as quality and security procedures. It will also offer interline solutions, business intelligence tools and customized communications.


“Airlines have strong demand for custom-tailored services that meet their needs perfectly,” said Adrien Thominet, CEO of ECS Group. “Some also want to delegate all of their cargo activities to a GSSA to streamline their costs and maximize their revenue. With TCE, we offer them this perfect combination that combines a network of excellence with total expertise across the entire cargo chain, moving beyond the traditional role of a GSSA. We strive to offer our partners solutions that are ever more innovative and meet their needs ever more closely – hand-crafted solutions. With the creation of TCE, we’re also offering airlines the chance to hand over all operational aspects to us through a TCM contract – but that’s not all. All options are now open to them: we offer and it’s theirs. Our motto is always offering our clients more.”


ECS has entered into several TCM contracts over the past few months, such as with Jetstar Asia, Air Italy and NokScoot, and expects to announce a new contract under the TCE structure with a major airline shortly.

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