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March 13, 2019

Internet of Things solutions provider ORBCOMM Inc. has launched its next-generation solar-powered GT 1200 series of devices for the tracking of trailers and containers.


According to ORBCOMM, the new devices are part of a comprehensive telematics solution which includes multiple sensor options, user-friendly applications and reliable cellular and optional satellite connectivity.


“ORBCOMM’s new GT 1200 series is part of our comprehensive innovation plan to enhance nearly all our products to expand our existing capabilities and provide customers with advanced technology and unmatched value,” said Marc Eisenberg, chief executive officer of ORBCOMM. “With expanded support for wireless sensors, an improved solar panel and safer, faster field installation, the GT 1200 product line features the latest in asset-tracking technology and offers incremental benefits to our transportation customers looking to streamline their fleet operations and gain efficiencies.”


The GT 1200 series is an evolution of ORBCOMM’s GT 1100 product line and includes an enhanced, high-sensitivity solar panel which charges up to 20 times faster than its predecessor even without direct sunlight, resulting in up to three times more messages per day for increased asset utilization.


The new devices are ruggedized to withstand extreme conditions, require no battery changes for up to 10 years and include built-in tamper and impact detection. They feature a new streamlined design and can be installed externally on all cargo asset types in about 10 minutes, according to ORBCOMM.

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