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April 8, 2019

APL has expanded its trans-Pacific network with the launch of the Central China – Loop 3 service and two additional port calls to its South China – Loop 3 service.


According to APL, the new CC3 service will provide direct connectivity from the Chinese ports of Lianyungang, Ningbo and Shanghai to the US West Coast ports of Long Beach and Seattle.


The weekly service will offer a transit time of 13 days from Ningbo to Long Beach.


Port rotation will be: Lianyungang – Shanghai – Ningbo – Long Beach – Seattle – Lianyungang. The first sailing will depart from Lianyungang on April 30.


The weekly SC3 service will be making additional calls at the ports of Haiphong and Oakland as part of its rotation.


The new SC3 service will have a port rotation of: Haiphong – Nansha – Hong Kong – Yantian – Long Beach – Oakland – Yantian – Haiphong.


The first sailing will also depart from Haiphong on April 30.


Transit time will be 13 days from Yantian to Long Beach, according to APL.

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