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October 31, 2019

The supervisory board of the Munich Airport has recently announced that Jost Lammers was appointed as the next CEO of the airport's operating company.


And earlier this week, Lammers was officially introduced by the supervisory board chairman Albert Füracker, the Bavarian State Minister of Finance, Regional Development and Home Affairs. 


Lammers will succeed Dr. Michael Kerkloh as the President and CEO of Munich Airport on January 1, 2020.


"Munich Airport is vitally important to Bavaria and its economic competitiveness. It has an outstanding global reputation and is Bavaria's gateway to the world. We are therefore delighted to have recruited Jost Lammers, a highly respected expert in airport management, for this role. We are confident that Mr. Lammers, with his proven expertise and commitment, will keep Munich Airport on course for success. On this occasion, we also wish to thank Dr. Kerkloh for his outstanding contributions to Munich Airport. The house he will hand over to his successor at the end of this year is in excellent order," said Füracker.


Kerkloh, who will remain at the helm of Flughafen München GmbH (FMG) until the end of the year, welcomed Lammers appointment describing the upcoming CEO as a "successful aviation manager."


"Munich Airport spent many years developing into one of the world's best airports that wins rave reviews from passengers. Since we opened in 1992, annual passenger traffic has quadrupled. And despite this enormous growth, Munich succeeded in becoming the first European hub to earn the prestigious 'Five Star Airport' seal of approval. That requires a strong team behind the airport's top manager, "Kerkloh said.


"I have known Jost Lammers for many years as a successful aviation manager who will take a forward-looking and sustainable approach in leading Munich Airport and maintaining its status as a leading hub in the worldwide air transportation network," he added.


Lammers said he is looking forward to leading Munich Airport to new heights.


"Over the past two decades, Munich Airport has taken its place alongside Europe's most important aviation hubs. As demonstrated by the traffic statistics and financial performance of the company, the management team and the entire airport crew have done excellent work. I'm very much looking forward to writing the next chapters in this airport's success story together with our team and in a close dialog with the airport's partners and neighbors," Lammers said.


Kerkloh, who has served as the President and CEO of FMG, managing the Munich Airport for over 17 years, has announced late last year that he will retire at the end of 2019.


Kerkloh, who took office in 2002, turned 65 in June 2018.

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