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June 24, 2020

DHL Express Germany and the Airport Munich GmbH (FMG) have concluded a contract to build a new freight building at Munich Airport for a 70 million euro investment that is expected to drive further growth in European logistics. 


The German firm said the new building will include direct airside access and two so-called PUD fingers for pick-up and delivery where up to 65 delivery vehicles can be dispatched simultaneously. This leads to a time advantage, particularly for clients in the south of Germany.  


Furthermore, the new station will meet all safety requirements of TAPA, the Transported Asset Protection Association, and will be certified TAPA Class A for the highest security level in air transportation.


DHL noted that the construction site at the current parking spots P80 and P80 West will compromise a gross floor area of more than 8,000 square meters.


It added that DHL Express plans, constructs and operates the new building on land leased from FMG. Currently, the company has access to the freight center as a tenant of warehouse space.


“After we had modernised and expanded our service centre in Unterschleißheim for 13 million euros last year, the new gateway is our next step in realising our infrastructure plan. This is a clear commitment to our presence in the Munich region. Even in economically difficult times, we invest thoroughly in our customer service as one of our main priorities,” said Markus Reckling, managing director DHL Express Germany.


 DHL hopes to start the operation at the new gateway before the end of 2022. 


Jost Lammers, airport chief, said the DHL Express‘ project “is an important signal in such difficult times for the air freight industry” — and will sharpen the airport as a logistics location and  “set significant impulses for air transports.”


The contracts for the project were signed digitally for the first time taking the current COVID-19 restrictions into account.

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