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October 7, 2020

Following the recent Israel-UAE Peace Agreement, DHL announced that it became the first delivery expert to establish logistic routes between the two territories.


In a statement, DHL Express said it made use of its close-knit network to enable a quick pick-up of trade.


"DHL became the first logistics expert to successfully complete a shipment from Israel to the United Arab Emirates, with a very special delivery. After receiving the official approval to initiate trade, Yair Biton, CEO DHL Express Israel, sent a limited-edition coin celebrating the peace agreement to his colleagues in the UAE. The coin was stamped by the Israel Coins and Medals Corporation," the logistics company said in a statement.


Trade between the countries has been set up since September 15, after the recent negotiation of a peace agreement. The development further strengthens DHL's network by connecting major hubs in metropolises such as Tel Aviv and Dubai.


"We at DHL firmly believe in globalization and that open borders are key to enhancing economic productivity across the globe. With the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE now in effect, our global DHL network made it possible to quickly establish new logistic routes between the two countries. We are convinced that both states will benefit from the increasing flow of goods. What is more, it will invigorate the prosperity of the entire Middle East region as trade will expand further," said John Pearson, Global CEO DHL Express.


Yair Biton said beyond the wide-ranging potential between the business communities on both sides, the UAE's connections and trade contacts with various countries are very intensive and provide Israeli businesses with a gateway to the Arab World.


Geoff Walsh, country manager, DHL Express UAE added: "DHL has always been committed to supporting the initiatives of the UAE government. Our decision to begin the service lane operating flights between the UAE and Israel will further promote trade and commerce between the two countries, as well as energizing bi-lateral relations."

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