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October 23, 2020

French oil company, Total, has delivered its first shipment of carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).


In a statement, it said the loading operation was carried out at the Ichthys liquefaction plant in Australia, and the shipment was delivered on September 29 to the Dapeng terminal, China.


“We are proud to have completed this first shipment of carbon-neutral LNG with CNOOC, a long-standing partner of Total. This first LNG shipment, whose carbon emissions have been offset throughout the value chain, represents a new step as we seek to support our customers towards carbon neutrality,” said Laurent Vivier, president for Gas at Total.


“The development of LNG is essential to meet the growth in global demand for energy while reducing the carbon intensity of the energy products consumed.”



Second largest private global LNG player


The carbon footprint of the LNG shipment was offset with VCS (Verified Carbon Standards) emissions certificates financing two projects: Hebei Guyuan Wind Power Project, which aims to reduce emissions from coal-based power generation in northern China and Kariba REDD+ Forest Protection Project in Zimbabwe.


Total is the second-largest global LNG stakeholder in the private industry, with an overall portfolio of nearly 50m tonnes a year by 2025 and a worldwide market share of 10%.


The Group sells LNG in all world markets via its stakes in liquefaction plants in Qatar, Nigeria, Russia, Norway, Oman, Egypt, the UAE, the US, Australia and Angola.


“Our Group has made natural gas, the least pollutant of all fossil fuels, a cornerstone of its strategy to meet growing global demand for energy while helping to mitigate climate change,” it said. 


“We are focusing in particular on LNG, which can be easily transported and delivered as close as possible to consumer markets,” it added.

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