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November 11, 2020

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) announced that Glyn Hughes will take the newly created role of Director-General of the association.


He is set to start his tenure at TIACA in February 2021 — a month after he departs his global head of cargo role with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in January 2021.


TIACA said Hughes will manage the team, work with the Board of Directors, the members and the industry partners to establish and implement TIACA’s vision and strategic objectives and advance the overall cargo agenda.


“Over the past year, TIACA has fundamentally transformed itself which will enable the association to serve its current members better with greater relevance and attract new ones. I fully support TIACA’s new direction and its unique position to unite and represent the entire airfreight industry. I will be honored to work with such an engaged Board of Directors, the team and the members to implement TIACA’s new vision and mission,” Hughes said.


“Our industry is and will be facing challenging times ahead and I am determined and excited to contribute to making it stronger and to work with all to lead this industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future.”


Hughes brings over 36 years of industry experience including leadership roles in air cargo, passenger, financial, training and industry affairs. Before joining TIACA, Hughes led a team of cargo experts at IATA, as its Global Head of Cargo.


Role of cargo to navigate COVID-19

“Although the COVID-19 crisis has brought a spotlight on air cargo working hard to deliver essential medicine and supplies fast and safely, despite the global lockdown, the global pandemic has also highlighted the urgent need for air cargo to accelerate its digital and sustainable transformation, to develop collaborative business models and speak with a united voice to come out of this unprecedented crisis more resilient,” Hughes said.


The incoming TIACA Director-General, the first for the association, noted that TIACA is in an ideal position to bring all the industry stakeholders together, including air cargo businesses, governments, shippers and global organizations to enable this change.


“I am committed to building bridges between industry players to tackle the challenges and helping the industry get ready for the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines which will be one of my first priorities at TIACA next year,” he added.

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Hughes has been cited for being a strong proponent of innovation and sustainability of air cargo, driving change with initiatives supporting the emerging air cargo talent, cargo modernization and transformation.


“Glyn is a charismatic and a highly respected leader who has an unparalleled track record over the past three decades, of driving change in the air cargo industry and promoting its value to governments, partners and across the aviation industry,” said Steven Polmans, Chair of TIACA’s Board of Directors.


“We were looking for an exceptional individual, passionate about the air cargo industry and committed to making a long-lasting impact: Glyn is exactly the leader we needed! I am thrilled to have Glyn on-board and look forward to working with him in the years to come to realize the potential of the newly transformed TIACA in supporting, leading and uniting the entire air cargo industry.”


Glyn Hughes will be reporting to TIACA’s Board of Directors and will take over the leading role from Céline Hourcade, appointed last May by the Board to drive TIACA’s transformation and manage the association ad interim.

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