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September 6, 2021
CMA CGM Kaohsiung Terminal

Following a 20-year renewal of the facility's lease, CMA CGM has begun terminal operations in Kaohsiung port.


CMA CGM Kaohsiung Terminal, a 101-acre terminal with a 1.3 million TEU annual capacity, opened in September 1 in Taiwan's biggest port.


The terminal was formerly leased by CMA CGM-owned APL for a 20-year tenure that ended in 2027. Taiwan International Ports Corp has since extended the lease with CMA CGM for another 20 years. Except for its US-flagged fleet, CMA CGM has discontinued the APL brand.


"Our renewed terminal lease that runs till 2040 is currently the longest contractual commitment made by a foreign entity in Kaohsiung Port," said Sam Chou, general manager of CMA CGM Kaohsiung Terminal.


"The Kaohsiung port sits at the crossroads of maritime transport connections between the Americas, Asia and Australia, making it an important transhipment hub for cargoes that we move to and from these continents and within Asia."


Chou noted that more than just a station for port stops by carriers, the terminal also specialises in handling goods thatrequire customized and reefer solutions.


The CMA CGM Kaohsiung terminal receives 17 regular services including those of CMA CGM, CNC and ANL per week.

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