In October, AirBridge Cargo obtained its renewed CEIV Pharma badge as part of its plan to put a stronger emphasis on premium traffic. Fedor Novikov, deputy general director, special products, says the carrier’s pharma business climbed more than 20% in the first eight months of this year.
An alternative to same day deliveries is self-collection via drop-off locations, such as this one in a business park near Kuala Lumpur. One of the barriers to the development of the sector is the cash nature of much of the region’s economy.
Emirates operates to 54 cities in 30 of the 65 countries outlined in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and can support cargo movement between China’s major trading partners.
The trucking business in North America is undergoing a tectonic shift that threatens the traditional brokerage business. Freight brokers are trying to respond to the advance of digital disruptors by beefing up their own digital capabilities.
02 -04 Feb 2020
10 - 12 Mar 2020