Shipping software provider CargoSmart Limited has launched Route Master, a tool which allows shippers to discover and optimize container shipping routes.


According to CargoSmart, the solution automatically determines the best routes based on parameters such as transit time, reliability, cost and carriers. It will display information such as vessel operator, port arrival reliability and whether a route belongs to an alliance network. Users will be able to search and compare routes that are between three months in the past and six months into the future.


“Shippers are facing vast service changes as they negotiate their contracts this season,” said Lionel Louie, chief commercial officer of CargoSmart. “Route Master empowers transportation planners to gain transparency to carriers’ services and performance. They can now compare the new route options based on their trade preferences to optimize their supply chains and mitigate risk.”


The tool is in beta release and open to shippers and logistics service providers.


Shippers are likely to experience significant changes when the global shipping alliances complete their reorganization and launch their new networks on April 1, 2017.


On the trans-Pacific trade, there will be 18% fewer direct routes and 33% of routes will have transit times shorter or longer by three or more days compared to the former offerings, according to CargoSmart.