ULD management provider Jettainer has released a new slogan.


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From now on, the phrase “Smart • ULD • Pooling • People” will be added to Jettainer's name to better reflect the nature of the company.


“Increases in efficiency in ULD management are the best arguments for our clients,” said Martin Kraemer, head of marketing and PR at Jettainer [left in photo], speaking at the 11th IATA World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi. “That’s why we have invested in new technologies early on and consequently developed them. We aim to mirror these developments in our new claim, which emphasizes that we combine smart technology with the know-how of our experienced employees.”


Jettainer’s smart ULDs are able to constantly transmit information on their position, status and temperature.


The management software benefits from the data by using it to learn how management and maintenance processes can be further improved, according to Jettainer.