ABU DHABI (March 15, 2017) – International Air Transport Association interest group Cargo iQ has appointed certification company SGS as its external auditor.


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According to IATA, Cargo iQ members will, for the first time, be audited externally for compliance with quality standards as part of the Audit and Certification Scheme.


“It makes a difference that we now have external validation, and an external auditor, allowing us to be more objective in regards to the criteria,” said Ariaen Zimmerman, executive director of Cargo iQ [second from right in photo], speaking at the 11th IATA World Cargo Symposium in Abu Dhabi. “We had to re-evaluate all criteria to ensure there was no room for misinterpretation. The criteria will have to be met in an objective manner that satisfies an external auditing company. We are extremely serious about quality and this partnership will add to the reliability of our brand. Our aim is to always make sure we have true operational relevance in our quality management.”


More than 30 SGS offices will be involved in the audit process, which begins in June 2017. Each audit will include a desk review and a two-day on-site visit. SGS will support and guide members in complying with the audit scheme.


“We will audit Cargo iQ members and take samples of their process steps to ensure that they comply with the scheme rules,” said Jeff Dowson, global head of international sales and accounts at SGS. “Working as an extension of the Cargo iQ team, we will help them monitor the scheme and ensure that it is practical and effective, with local auditors carrying out site visits. Members receive a verification of their compliance to the scheme, boosting confidence in its compliance level.”


Cargo iQ is aiming for all members to be audited under the new scheme within three years, according to IATA.