DHL Global Forwarding has signed a partnership agreement with Chinese e-commerce company, becoming the site’s preferred logistics service provider for authentic American products imported from the US.


“With increasing demand for ‘Made in America’ products, Chinese consumers are buying American products from at an exponential rate, with exports from the US into China in 2014 totalling over US$123 billion,” said Alfred Goh, senior vice president and global head of fast growing enterprises at DHL Customer Solutions and Innovation. “With our full suite of logistics solutions, DHL is well positioned to provide Chinese consumers with easy access to US-made products, while improving overall supply chain efficiency for the retailers. All consumers globally expect their orders to arrive promptly and our extensive network and reliability will help extend quality service to its customers.”


A variety of American products will be made available on the website’s “US Mall,” a new channel which will be dedicated to offering authentic US imports, including brands such as Converse, Ocean Spray, Samsonite and apparel labels that are part of the Global Brands Group.


“As American companies increasingly understand our core advantages of zero tolerance towards counterfeits and unparalleled same-day delivery capabilities, we are gaining excellent momentum attracting US brands to our site,” said Richard Liu, CEO of “Chinese consumers appreciate that the United States is a global leader in the areas of product reputation, quality, reliability and variety of goods, and American companies are clearly benefiting from the unprecedented market opportunity.” is China’s largest online B2B sales platform, and already has sales channels for national products from Australia, France, Japan and Korea, according to the company.