Deutsche Post DHL Group and Volvo Trucks have signed a cooperation agreement to accelerate the shift to zero exhaust emission vehicles.


In a statement, DHL said it intends to intensify its transition to heavy electric trucks by deploying a total of 44 new electric Volvo trucks on routes in Europe.


"The intended order includes 40 electric trucks of the model Volvo FE and Volvo FL, to be used for package deliveries in urban transports," DHL said, adding that electric trucks for longer routes are also part of the scope and DHL has decided to begin using Volvo trucks for regional hauling, starting with four Volvo FM Electric trucks in the UK. 


The first trucks have been ordered already, six by DHL Parcel UK and two by DHL Freight.



CO2 emissions reduction

The logistics giant noted that This will result in annual savings of nearly 600 tons of CO2 and nearly 225,000 liters of diesel fuel for Deutsche Post DHL Group.


"We are committed to meet growing customer demand for green and sustainable solutions and achieve our long-term goal of net zero emissions by 2050. As a logistics service provider, the conversion of our vehicle fleet is an important lever to help us avoid CO2 emissions on the road as well. Several of our divisions will thus benefit from this agreement with Volvo Trucks," said Pablo Ciano, executive vice president for Corporate Development at Deutsche Post DHL Group.


An important factor in DHL's decision to ramp up the transition to zero emission vehicles is the positive experience it has had with using an electric Volvo truck in London since November 2020.


DHL said the vehicle was the very first fully-electric commercial heavy truck used for urban logistics in the UK.


"DHL is an important global logistics provider, committed to reducing its impact on climate change ... I'm proud we will work in the spirit of partnership, aiming to reach our science based targets to reduce our climate impacts," said Roger Alm, president at Volvo Trucks.


Fleet electrification 


DHL said the cooperation involves the adoption of new Volvo technologies and joint development activities within the field of electrification.


The agreement also includes an analysis by Volvo Trucks of DHL's transport operations, with the goal to ensure the successful deployment of tailor-made electrical transport solutions.


Volvo Trucks has a 42% market share in heavy all-electric trucks in Europe last year. DHL said since 2019 Volvo Trucks started serial production of electric trucks, becoming one of the very first truck brands in the world to do so.


The company has since delivered electric trucks to a wide range of customers in Europe, North America, and Australia.