ONE, a leading global shipping company, has announced a strategic partnership with a European trucking company, Anders Nielsen & Co (Ancotrans), to tackle scope three emissions in Europe.


By joining forces, ONE aims to address the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of goods beyond its direct operations.


ONE aims to reduce CO₂ emissions by leveraging Ancotrans' network for triangulations and reloads across its port coverage, minimizing empty mileage and emissions.


Ancotrans, a Danish trucking company with a fleet of over 950 trucks servicing Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, will play a crucial role in this effort.


To support their green initiatives, Ancotrans already operates a fleet of EURO VI trucks and plans to introduce their first electric trucks in Germany by July.


The two companies are collaborating on an optimized operational setup to effectively utilize these electric vehicles.


Anne Kathrine Steenbjerge, CEO of Ancotrans, emphasized their commitment to international expansion and environmental sustainability.


She stated, "As we chart our course for the next four years, our focus remains on establishing a broader international presence and becoming a greener company. To achieve this, we are prioritizing our people, fostering growth with our customers, and minimizing our impact on the planet. Enhancing operational efficiency to provide superior service to our customers is a key aspect of our strategy. Our vision is to create a truly European network rooted in our values and our ambition to achieve 100% carbon neutrality."


Johan Pijpers, manager of Inland Operations & Procurement Europe & Africa at ONE's Sub Regional Headquarters in Rotterdam, highlighted ONE's ongoing commitment to implementing environmental solutions in their inland transports.


He expressed that partnering with Ancotrans and embracing their innovative approach is another example of sustainable services that align with ONE's green inland strategy, adding value to their overall environmental efforts.