Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is expanding its road business in the Middle East with the establishment of a specialized joint venture, HellmannATS Road Solutions, together with ATS in the UAE.


The partnership will not only expand Hellmann's road logistics business in the region but also enhance the range of services that already includes the segments airfreight, sea freight, customs brokerage and contract logistics since it entered the market in 1999.


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 [Source: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics]

"With ATS, Hellmann joins forces with a major road transportation provider in the UAE market, gaining access to a fleet of more than 600 vehicles operating in the region," the company said.


It added that under the terms of the joint venture, HellmannATS Road Solutions will exclusively handle all road transport operations for Hellmann in the UAE.


The joint venture will be managed by Mutasim Abuhmaidan, who comes with 20 years of Middle East road freight experience, having led and developed regional road freight departments with global and regional freight forwarders.


End-to-end road transport service


"With the joint venture, Hellmann and ATS respond to the fragmented FTL trucking sector in UAE, providing not just a seamless end-to-end road transport experience, but also enhancing supply chain visibility for local and international customers," the company said.


It added that the partnership combines the cross-border experience of the global freight forwarder with the modern fleet capabilities of one of the largest transport companies in the UAE.


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  [Source: Hellmann Worldwide Logistics]

The announcement said on this basis, the joint venture will offer a comprehensive technology-based range of B2B logistics solutions to meet the evolving needs of global trade.


HellmannATS aims to significantly increase its market share in the road transport sector in the Middle East over the coming years, with a particular focus on FTL business for global and regional customers. 


"As Hellmann, we are pursuing ambitious solutions in all product areas in the UAE and greater Middle East to support our customers with the strongest all-round solutions," said Madhav Kurup, regional CEO IMEA, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.


"In this context, the establishment of the joint venture with ATS is an important milestone in the expansion of our road network across the region."


Kurup noted that as globalization continues to shape the future of international trade, the joint venture will revolutionise the way B2B logistics are managed.