Staff of Luxembourg flag carrier cargo airline, Cargolux, has launched strike actions due to a pay dispute between unions and management.


RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg) reported that Cargolux employees started their strike action at Findel Airport on Thursday morning.


The Luxembourg-based media said the development was confirmed by the Luxembourg Confederation of Christian Trade Unions (LCGB) and the Independent Luxembourg Trade Union Confederation (OGBL) — noting that "all workers are joining in."


The strike action — which is said to involve 120 mechanics and a "large majority" of the firm's 630 pilots, reportedly caused several aircraft to be stranded on the tarmac at airports in Houston, Baku, Chicago, and Dubai.


The primary issue revolves around wage adjustments after 18 months of unsuccessful negotiations between Cargolux's management and trade unions aimed at creating a new collective agreement.


In a follow-up report, RTL said about 700 employees gathered in front of Cargolux's headquarters in Sandweiler for the strike — and added that the industrial action resulted in 11 planes being grounded and an estimated two dozen Cargolux planes affected globally.


The disruption reportedly cost an estimated US$25,000 per hour per plane.


Asia Cargo News has reached out for comment on the issue.


On Friday, reports noted that the whole fleet of Cargolux — which consists of 26 aircraft — was grounded with developments described as a "standstill" with both union members and the management unable to come up with a solution to end the strike.


As the industrial action entered the second day, reports noted that Cargolux planes whose operations were halted include those in Luxembourg City, Baku, Bahrain, Dubai, Hong Kong, Anchorage, Chicago, Houston, and Mexico City.


RTL said the workers are determined to strike until a solution is found.


Meanwhile, it added that the Luxembourg government will not get involved with the ongoing labour dispute of Europe’s biggest all-cargo airline.