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July 4, 2016

DHL Express has launched a 50,000-square-feet facility in Yangon to support Myanmar’s growing economy.


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“DHL launched this facility to cater to Myanmar’s increasing logistics needs, driven by growth sectors such as infrastructure, oil and gas and garment industries,” said Mark Ong, country manager for Myanmar at DHL Express. “It is designed to handle massive shipment volumes expected over the next decade -- to the year 2025 and beyond. The new service centre is located close to the airport -- which enables us to ensure faster deliveries for more customers, connecting them to our global network of over 220 countries and territories worldwide and our global standards of service and quality.”


According to DHL, the facility has a built-up area of about 32,500 square feet and is the largest in the country. It features a conveyor belt system which spans more than 280 feet, an X-ray machine and more than 30 CCTV cameras.


Yasmin Aladad Khan, executive vice president of commercial for Asia Pacific and managing director of emerging markets at DHL Express, said that Myanmar is full of “untapped potential,” now that trade barriers have been dismantled and regulations have been reformed.


“As Myanmar continues to develop, the rapid growth of Myanmar’s exports and imports in the fiscal year ending March 2016 -- by 12% to US$12.5 billion and 21% to US$16.6 billion respectively – will open up a myriad of opportunities within the region,” she said. “The opening of this facility reinforces DHL’s commitment to logistics excellence in the region. We look forward to contributing significantly to this crucial growth phase of the nation.”


DHL Express now has a network in Myanmar consisting of four service points, three service centres and a fleet of over 30 vehicles, according to the company.

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