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July 4, 2016

DHL eCommerce has opened its Shenzhen Distribution Center to support the growing manufacturing sector in the region.


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According to DHL, the new facility is capable of handling up to 18 million shipments per year and will serve as the consolidation point for all outbound international shipments from South China.


“Cross-border e-commerce already accounts for almost 20% of China’s foreign trade, and the country’s B2C e-commerce market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 30% from now till 2020,” said Malcolm Monteiro, CEO of Asia Pacific at DHL eCommerce [left in photo]. “With the ability to scale up its size by 150%, the DHL eCommerce Shenzhen Distribution Center is fully capable to support this growing demand over the coming years.”


To address the increasing demand for e-commerce in the Greater China region, DHL eCommerce will expand its Hong Kong and Shanghai distribution centres, which will be capable of handling 71 million and 48 million shipments per year respectively.


“Since its launch last July, the DHL eCommerce Shanghai Distribution Center has seen a 700% increase in the volume of e-commerce goods being shipped out of China,” said Monteiro. “With our plans to expand our existing capabilities in Shanghai and Hong Kong, we are confident that this will provide our customers with the fullest support they need, in order to reach their global customer base.”


DHL eCommerce has also improved its online portal, enabling its customers in more than 10 cities to request a pick-up service from their preferred location.


“We see significant potential in China’s e-commerce sector, particularly between China and the US, where we’ve seen triple-digit growth since 2015,” said Charles Brewer, CEO of DHL eCommerce [second from left in photo]. “With China accounting for more than 40% of global retail e-commerce sales in 2015, our investments in China demonstrate our focus on developing efficient and reliable logistics services, to bring high quality e-commerce services to Chinese retailers and meet changing consumer expectations.”

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