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September 8, 2016

APL has added real-time oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring capabilities to its satellite tracking system SMARTemp, which was launched in 2010.


“As a leading and trusted reefer expert whom shippers have counted on in bringing their exports across the globe, APL deploys only the best reefer solutions that protect cargo integrity during every APL voyage,” said Kar Loke Ng, head of special cargo. “APL will continually innovate through our range of SMART reefer technologies to deliver customer value. The enhancements of APL SMARTemp demonstrate our belief in going the extra mile of empowering our customers with real-time cargo data that they can rely on for optimal supply chain management.”


According to APL, the new solution is powered by a microprocessor controller affixed to a reefer container which records precise readings of temperature, humidity and levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The data is transmitted in real time to a central server and made available to customers. If fluctuations exceed a pre-defined threshold, an alert will be activated for intervention by technical experts.


The new solution is most suitable for shipments of delicate items, produce or premium perishable food, according to APL.

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