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October 27, 2016

PARIS (October 26, 2016) – The International Air Cargo Association is about “creating the solutions that the customer wants,” said Sanjiv Edwards, TIACA chairman and head of cargo at Delhi International Airport, speaking at the opening  plenary of TIACA’s 2016 Air Cargo Forum in Paris.


There are challenges of complexity and of harmonization, and the industry needs to make things simpler for shippers, Edwards went on to say.


Edwards was joined on stage by Doug Brittin, secretary general of TIACA, Sergio Mujica, deputy secretary general of the World Customs Organization and Boubacar Djibo, director of the International Civil Aviation Organization.


All three organizations recognized the necessity to work together on regulations and to ensure a secure and efficient global air cargo network.


The pace of change and the challenges we have to face are incredible, highlighted Brittin, explaining that the challenges of keeping up with demand for information from shippers were tremendous. “We are living in a period of great transition for our industry, and collaboration among all members of the air cargo community is essential.”


WCO and IACO are the regulators, and the way regulations are developed and implemented is affecting the industry. There needs to be a balance between fast implementation and quality regulations, but the panel was asked how one can manage this balance.


“If you want a coordinated approach, you pay a price,” explained Mujica. “Doing it ourselves might be quicker, but less efficient.” Working with others takes time but produces better results, he went on to say. “In regulated sectors, we feel we get better results by including the regulated industries in the process. And with implementation, we need to encourage members to use international standards.”


Brittin agreed, adding there was a balance between doing it right and doing it quickly. In general, the industry wants to see it done right.


Working together and unity are important. Joining the ICAO/WCO working groups can certainly help, and it is important to maintain formal and informal coordination between ICAO and WCO to avoid overlap, according to the panel.


“TIACA can be the voice of the industry, and for the industry,” Edwards concluded.



By Darren Barton

Asia Cargo News | Paris

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