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October 28, 2016

PARIS (October 27, 2016) – “The supply chain industry is very important to France,” explained Claude Morel, chief of staff for the secretary of state for transport in France, at a luncheon on day two of The International Air Cargo Association’s 2016 Air Cargo Forum in Paris. “It sustains 100,000 industries and creates 2 million jobs,” he went on to explain, adding that cargo was a fundamental element in a balanced business for the aviation industry.


Highlighting the concerns of shippers regarding undue paperwork, Morel went on to say that it is important to simplify the process of goods going through the airport. “We have to streamline customs and procedures” he added.


Expanding on government measures to encourage the industry, Morel explained that the French government had introduced self-certification of VAT and streamlined customs, and that the competitiveness of Charles de Gaulle Airport was due to a concerted effort of all the concerned players. The next stage was to form a consultative body to oversee reforms for the next 20 years.


The theme of the conference is innovation, Morel went on to say, and there could be strengthened procedures covering new distribution models. Transportation of parcels by drones may be in its infancy, but the industry must ensure technical reliability, and the acceptance of the technology by communities they overfly.


“The industry must brace for the coming revolution,” Morel concluded. “And the supply chain will have to adapt to new modes of distribution that are not available today.”



By Darren Barton

Asia Cargo News | Paris

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