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March 24, 2017

Maersk Container Industry has launched an upgraded version of its controlled-atmosphere refrigerated container system for high-value perishable products.


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According to MCI, the new Star Cool CA+ system controls the ripening process and is ideal for sensitive low-respiring perishables such as blueberries and lychees. Data on the conditions inside the reefer during transportation is directly accessible by shipping companies.


“Demand for a large variety of fruit and vegetables is increasing throughout the year,” said Soren Leth Johannsen, chief commercial officer of MCI. “We further developed our existing controlled-atmosphere system with the specific goal of supporting our customers in tapping into these trade opportunities by enabling them to reach more distant markets with low-respiring perishables, which typically also have a high value.”


As compared with high-respiring perishables such as bananas and avocados, low-respiring ones require a different atmospheric composition inside the container. MCI developed the CA+ system in cooperation with experts and shipping lines, using data from approximately 40,000 Star Cool CA units in operations around the world.


Star Cool CA+ can be preinstalled to Star Cool reefers in the factory or added as an in-field upgrade, according to MCI.

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