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September 1, 2017

Oman Air SATS Cargo LLC, the joint venture between Oman Air and SATS Ltd., has launched a new online cargo management system and a new website.


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According to Oman Air SATS, the new CMS was developed by SATS and replaces the old system at Muscat International Airport, called Cargo Wings. It is designed to provide faster and more efficient cargo handing at air cargo terminals, and is equipped with performance-moitroing tools. The system is already in place in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Delhi and Bangalore.


“Oman Air SATS is all set to become the premier cargo handling company in Muscat,” said Khalifa Al Bahlani, corporate development manager at Oman Air SATS. “With the competence and expertise of two world-class organisations, namely Oman Air and SATS Ltd., joining hands to form this cargo entity, we rightly pride ourselves on our ability to offer guests the best possible services.  The introduction of the new CMS system, utilising state-of-the-art technology, will certainly help us achieve this. The system, together with our new website, means we can offer an unrivalled service in the Middle East.”


The new system allows the company to offer automated processes at its reception, cashier and delivery counters. Full visibility is provided to agents, shippers and consignees through a web-tracking system which is connected to Oman Customs’ Bayan network and airline operation systems. New payment methods including credit card and pre-deposit payments are also available for customers.


The company has also introduced a new uniform to strengthen its corporate identity.


Oman Air SATS was incorporated in November 2016 when SATS acquired a 33% equity stake in Oman Air Cargo, and provides cargo-handling services at Muscat International Airport.

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