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July 22, 2015

Mazda has awarded two new contracts to CEVA Logistics in Australia, making CEVA the sole provider of transport services in the country.


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Under the agreements, CEVA will be responsible for transporting Mazda vehicles from ports to dealerships in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. CEVA will also be managing the storage and processing of Mazda vehicles for transportation to dealerships in Western Australia.


CEVA already holds contracts for similar services in New South Wales and Queensland. With the two new contracts, CEVA and Mazda will form a relationship which extends across the whole country.


“We have been proud to work with Mazda in Australia for about 20 years, and we are delighted to extend our growing relationship with this great company,” said Casey Fisher, managing director of CEVA in Australia and New Zealand. “We see it as confirmation that our past performance and future plans are meeting their needs, and we will stay focused on delivering a range of service improvements to ensure all vehicles arrive at their destination in factory condition on or ahead of time. That includes adopting a national pre-delivery notification process for Mazda that uses our bespoke C-PoD technology for instant, real time information about every aspect of the vehicle transport process.”

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