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December 16, 2015

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s dedicated cargo department has released a free electronic book called Vision Pharma Logistics 2020: Insights and practical advice, which is targeted at logistics managers in the pharmaceutical sector.


“Today’s pharma logistics professionals face a market in the midst of major change and innovation,” said Bart Pouwels, business development director of Schiphol Cargo. “Pharma supply chains have grown highly complex due to multiple factors, including market expansion on both the supply and demand sides, and more stringent product quality requirements.”


According to Schiphol Cargo, the e-book is based on interviews conducted with seven experts in the pharma and pharma logistics fields.


One of the key conclusions is that pharma logistics professionals who succeed in transforming their supply chain into a source of competitive advantage will contribute to the success of their company in a major way.


Schiphol Cargo launched a steering group for pharma and life science logistics in 2012, consisting of representatives of pharma manufacturers, logistics professionals and government and regulatory bodies.

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