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October 13, 2021

Bolloré Transport & Logistics announced the deployment of PRISM, a "next-generation" 4PL company designed to meet the specific needs of customers who are engaged in transforming their supply chain.


Bolloré said PRISM, which has a presence in every continent, has developed an integrated offer of services and advice based on its robust expertise in Transport and Customs.


PRISM will contribute to the freight purchasing strategy and provide end-to-end flow management, while seeking to optimise costs and time to market.


Depending on the requirements specified, it will also implement optimised transport plans to reduce the carbon footprint of transport operations.


"Businesses expect their strategic logistics providers to be committed to performance and able to manage operational risks effectively, within a partnership based on flexibility and transparency," said Explained Alain Cohen, managing director, PRISM.


"For this reason and in response to these issues, Bolloré Transport & Logistics has created PRISM, a neutral, independent company supporting its customers by committing to a performance obligation, particularly in terms of economic competitiveness and operational excellence," he added.



PRISM is a global structure with a presence in every continent. The company works with nearly 100 employees in operational hubs in America (Mexico), Europe (Portugal) and Asia (Malaysia), and across its network of centres of expertise in France (Toulouse and Puteaux, also the location of its Head Office) and Switzerland (Geneva).


PRISM offers coverage across 3 time zones for 24/7 availability and greater customer proximity.

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