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June 14, 2022

Global full-service provider Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is taking over Czech and Slovakian-based overnight express provider OptimNet Solutions in a deal that would be part of its expansion strategy in the overnight express services segment.


This would also help the company further tap into another important part of the Central and Eastern European market.


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In a statement, Hellmann said the shareholder Ondřej Zíta will remain Managing Director and carry on the operational business with Wilfried Hesselmann (Head of CEP Europe, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics) to continue business relationships with all customers as usual.


OptimNet, the overnight express company was founded in 2016 in Prague and has since grown in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia in 2018.


Hellmann has already tapped into the Hungarian and Romanian markets with the acquisition of Innight last year.


Hellmann noted that with the latest takeover of OptimNet, Hellmann will further expand its overnight express services, particularly for the agricultural and automotive sectors, and will thus meet the steadily growing demand for a smooth and fast supply of spare parts in this strategically important core customer segment.


"With the expansion of our overnight express service in Eastern Europe, we are taking another consistent step in our growth strategy, which we initiated at the beginning of last year and have successfully developed in the meantime," says Jörg Herwig, chief operating officer Road & Rail Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.


"We will be able to smoothly build on the business relationships that have already been successfully established in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in recent years, to continue growing here and beyond Eastern Europe," commented Wilfried Hesselmann, head of CEP Europe, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics.

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