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June 22, 2022

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. (ZIM) has announced that it has made a capital investment in Data Science Consulting Group (DSG), a technology company specializing in AI (Artificial Intelligence) based products, solutions, and services.


"The center of excellence we initiated with DSG is another prime example of a fruitful partnership ZIM has established with an Israeli startup and the successful development and implementation of AI tools to improve ZIM's business decisions. ZIM’s innovative spirit, demonstrated by, among others, the adoption of various digital tools, has been an important contributor to our industry leading results and, we expect, will continue to drive to our success going forward," said Eli Glickman, president, and CEO of ZIM.


"Having worked closely with the DSG team, we see their capabilities that can support our ecosystem and are pleased to make this investment that will enable them to further grow their business," the ZIM chief added.


The announcement came as the firm announced that they have closed a US$6 million Series A financing round whereby ZIM made a capital investment in DSG, which constitutes the first major equity investment in DSG.


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