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September 30, 2022

Port of New Orleans (Port NOLA) is investing US$140 million to expand its capacity.


Brandy D. Christian, Port of NOLA president and CEO, and New Orleans Public Belt Railroad (NOPB) CEO made the announcement as he delivered the 2022 State of the Port address highlighting successes across the Port’s four lines of business and the completion of several vital maritime infrastructure projects.


Christian also pointed out the 2022 Louisiana legislative session where Port NOLA secured US$96.595 million in funding support for infrastructure projects across the region to meet future growth.   


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 Source: Port of New Orleans

Additional container yard capacity


"On the infrastructure side, Port NOLA has finalized a three-year project and US$140 million investment in the Napoleon Avenue Container Terminal," the announcement said, adding that the expansion adds 4 new 100-foot-gauge container gantry cranes and creates additional container yard space for a 1 million TEU capacity. 


In New Orleans East, the US$42 million expansion of Port NOLA’s Jourdan Road Cold Storage Terminal nearly doubled the cold storage complex on the Inner Harbor — which would support the state’s US$1.6 billion poultry industry, including more than 300 commercial broiler producers.


"These last few years on the global stage have revealed the fundamental importance of the supply chain in getting food to grocery store shelves, packages delivered to our doorsteps, and manufactured products to markets," said Christian.


"As a state, we have a real opportunity here — not just to retain our access to goods and materials, but to reestablish Louisiana as an integral nexus within the global market."


Christian noted that the Port of NOLA has been welcoming bigger ships and more cargo.


"It is up to us to seize the opportunity these massive investments bring – we must deliver maritime facilities to match. And that's exactly what we’re doing," the port chief added, noting that there's also been progress on a vital long-term investment in a second container terminal that will serve vessels of all sizes.


"One thing is certain — if our state is to remain in the container shipping business, attract and retain manufacturing and distribution businesses, we must build the US$1.5 billion Louisiana International Terminal," said Christian.


The project is at the beginning of the permitting process.


The Port anticipates construction beginning in 2025, with the first wharf opening in 2028. The location in Violet, Louisiana, is within the 100-year federal flood protection and proximate to the Port’s inland transportation systems.


Rail connectivity at Port of NOLA


Port NOLA is also finalizing negotiations with private partners who are industry-leading ocean carriers and terminal operators.


"Port NOLA is being sought as an alternative for shippers seeking to diversify and mitigate their exposure to container shipping challenges. As a result, in 2022, the Port saw a huge increase in breakbulk plywood and welcomed the first breakbulk coffee vessels in 30 years," Christian said.


She also pointed out the good rail connectivity of the Port of NOLA.


"Now more than ever, we are offering customers more integrated marine and rail solutions. That includes growing intermodal connections to the Midwest via the CN and to Dallas and Kansas City via KCS. And the Seacor-operated container-on-barge service now moves 30,000 TEUs per year between New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Memphis and now St. Louis," Christian said.

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