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November 18, 2022

UPS announced multiple new investments in Louisville, Kentucky – home to Worldport, the company's largest air hub.


Among the new developments are two UPS Healthcare facilities, a new hangar and the expansion of leading aviation training capabilities.


UPS said with this development, UPS Healthcare's supply chain footprint will expand with two one-million-square-foot buildings that will join 21 other facilities in the region, helping to bring life-saving medication and services to patients and hospitals around the world.


"These investments, from the supply chain and healthcare facilities to the flight simulators and the hangar, will help us continue to provide our customers with safe, reliable on-time service," said Nando Cesarone, UPS EVP and President U.S.


Expanded hangar for UPS Airlines


UPS Airlines has also begun construction of a second 275,000-square-foot aircraft hangar.


This building will be large enough to simultaneously park two 747-8s– the largest aircraft in the UPS fleet.


In the statement, UPS said it is also investing in the next generation through an expansion of the Global Aviation Training Center, which will house a total of eight flight simulators when the project is complete.​


UPS began operations in Louisville with a small facility sorting about 2,000 air packages per day in the early 1980s.


Today, UPS Worldport is a 5.2 million-square-foot global facility where more than two million packages a day.

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