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May 22, 2023

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) has recently announced the launch of a brand new "Animal Limo" — a climate-controlled, soundproofed transfer vehicle that protects smaller animals and domestic pets during transfer between its cargo terminal and waiting aircraft on the ramp.


This is in response to the ever-increasing focus on animals' welfare.


"Transporting live animals  be it pets, livestock or larger animals like horses — requires extra care and attention to ensure the animals enjoy a safe, comfortable and stress-free journey," Hactl said in a statement.


It added that the Animal Limo is Hactl's latest step in a long history of proactive and comprehensive animal welfare measures.


In 2020, Hactl obtained IATA CEIV Live Animals accreditation.


To achieve this accreditation, Hactl created its unique "Paws Track", which includes six Critical Control Points (CCPs): the Live Animals Inspection Area; South Live Animals Handling Centre; North Live Animals Handling Centre; Horse Handling Centre 1; Horse Handling Centre 2; and its Live Animals Containers.


"All Hactl live animals handling facilities were also reviewed and upgraded at the same time," Hactl said.

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