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September 5, 2023

FedEx Express has signed a new contract with iGA Istanbul Airport for the construction of a new global air freight shipping facility at Istanbul Airport, which is set to be completed towards the end of 2024.


FedEx is looking to boost its airport presence in Istanbul with the new facility, controlling an area of over 25,300 sq m — more than double its current space, which is a shared location — and providing greater reliability to its customers.


The facility will also include 3 parking areas, enough space for 32 minibuses, and 7 truck entrances for the FedEx fleet. The facility's state-of-the-art technology will allow the handling of 3,000 items per hour.


FedEx Express Europe, having announced that it will be using its new facility to provide support to its customers on leading intercontinental trade routes, will thus strengthen its presence at iGA Istanbul Airport.


"We are very excited about the growth we have achieved at iGA Istanbul Airport. We will now have a firmer foundation in this strategic location, opening up new growth opportunities for customers trading across continents," said Eser Sezek, vice president of FedEx Express in charge of operations in Southeast Europe, Israel and Türkiye.


"In addition, this initiative is proof of our absolute dedication to our work and our loyalty to our customers in Türkiye, a noteworthy player who continues to grow in the cargo and logistics industry," he added.


According to the agreement signed between FedEx Express Europe and iGA Istanbul Airport, the global air transportation facility is targeted to be completed in November 2024.


Kadri Samsunlu, iGA Istanbul Airport CEO, noted that the expanded presence of FedEx in the airport will strengthen its reputation, and the new facility will reinforce iGA Airport's determination to become a central global hub.


FedEx Express said the new facility at iGA Istanbul Airport, a strategic aviation and logistics hub, will link its operations on three continents.


iGA Istanbul Airport ranks first among the top 10 airports in Europe in terms of cargo traffic, according to the data announced by Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. iGA Istanbul Airport's Cargo City and Logistics Center has a total area of 1,4 million m2, a temporary storage area of 195,000 m2, and 10,800 m2 of free warehouse facility.


There are 8 temporary warehouses (Turkish Cargo, PTT UPİM, MNG, DHL Express, UPS, Çelebi Cargo, Havaş Cargo, S System) and 4 free warehouses (Fevzi Gandur, Ünsped, Barsan, and DHL Global) operating in the region.


By welcoming FedEx Express Europe on board, the number of cargo companies at the iGA Istanbul Airport Cargo City and Logistics Center will reach 19.


"We are pleased to collaborate with FedEx, a leading company in the cargo transportation industry. FedEx's decision to choose iGA Istanbul Airport for its new global air cargo facility demonstrates that our airport is a strategic transfer hub not only for passengers but also for the cargo and logistics industry. We are confident that this new facility will further reinforce both the reputation of iGA Istanbul Airport and its commitment to becoming a global hub and gateway to the world," Samsunlu said.

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