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September 25, 2023

FedEx Express is enhancing the online shipping experience for its customers. The express transportation company said the automated e-commerce capability in FedEx Ship Manager™ (FSM) supports small businesses and e-commerce merchants across AMEA, helping them to efficiently manage their shipments online. 


"Available across 63 countries and territories in AMEA, this enhancement to FSM allows businesses to create shipments and paperwork from their online orders in a few simple steps, saving considerable time compared to manually entering information to create shipping labels," FedEx said in an announcement.


It added that customers will now be able to synchronise their Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop stores with FSM at fedex.com. More e-commerce platforms and marketplaces will be added over time. 


FedEx customers can also link their e-commerce platform or marketplace with FSM to automatically download their order information; they can create and print labels for multiple orders in one click and sync with electronic trade documents for a smooth clearance process and synchronize updates of tracking numbers and order status on sales channels, notifying buyers that orders have been shipped. 


"Just as e-tailers strive to provide seamless shopping experiences for their customers, we are focused on a differentiated, more efficient and convenient shipping experience for our e-commerce merchants," said Salil Chari, senior vice president of Marketing and Customer Experience for Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region, FedEx Express.


"With this enhancement, small businesses can enjoy automated e-commerce shipping and use the time saved on more strategic tasks to propel their future growth," he added, noting that as a technology company, FedEx will continue to build world-class digital solutions for its service offerings.s


FedEx is building e-commerce offerings and adding a wide range of solutions.


These include B2B marketplace integration through FedEx Compatible and Alliances programs, customizable last-mile delivery options plus direct messaging and convenient tracking through digital tools like FedEx Delivery Manager Internationaland Picture Proof of Delivery which gives consumers the assurance that their package has been delivered to their doorsteps.  

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