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March 8, 2024

DHL Express said in a span of one year, it has registered more than 12,000 customers who have taken up the GoGreen Plus service in Asia Pacific (excluding China).


This includes more than 2,800 companies that have signed a contractual agreement to use GoGreen Plus.


In a statement, DHL said the rest comprises customers who have opted for GoGreen Plus as the shipping service through MyDHL+, the company's online shipping and tracking platform. 


GoGreen Plus — Introduced in February 2023 — allows customers to reduce (‘inset’) the carbon emissions associated with their international shipments using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).


Insetting through GoGreen Plus allows customers to reduce their Scope 3 emissions, the indirect greenhouse gas emissions that occur in a company's value chain, including downstream transportation and distribution.


DHL noted that the GoGreen Plus service is currently the "only method" available in the global express logistics industry that enables customers to utilize SAF to reduce emissions related to their shipments.


"We have a clear mission to achieve net-zero emissions for our logistics operations by 2050, and we want to enable our customers to join us in this journey. Although GoGreen Plus was only launched a year ago, we have observed very positive adoption rates, indicating the market was ripe for such an offering. There has been a rapid pickup rate among businesses as well as consumers," said Ken Lee, CEO for Asia Pacific, DHL Express.


"This is aligned with a DHL survey, which found that more than one in three (38%) of online shippers in Asia Pacific are prepared to pay more for a greener delivery option," he added, noting that the high uptake of GoGreen Plus among individual shippers demonstrates a strong willingness to pay more to use SAF to decarbonize their shipments.


Meanwhile, DHL said while companies have already committed to cutting down on their carbon footprint and running their operations sustainably, a report has shown that many companies in Asia Pacific still fall short in their Scope 3 emissions measurement effort.


It noted that out of the over 2,800 companies that signed up for GoGreen Plus, over 2,000 companies have opted to reduce 30% carbon emissions for their time-definite international shipments through SAF.


Furthermore, some have committed to even higher reductions, such as AFFIN Group from Malaysia, Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank from Vietnam, CHIMEI Corporation from Taiwan and SCREEN Semiconduction Solutions from Japan which have all committed to reducing their carbon emissions via SAF.


DHL Express has also observed interest in using SAF across all sectors, with the biggest uptake in Asia Pacific coming from two sectors: consumer retail & fashion, technology, financial institutions, and engineering & manufacturing.


"Among our customers, we are seeing a huge appetite for solutions that could reduce carbon emissions for their shipments. Our GoGreen Plus service is one such way, and we are pleased to see that it is positively received," said Yung C. Ooi, senior vice president for commercial, Asia Pacific, DHL Express.


DHL cited a Deloitte study showing that consumers in the region are willing to pay more for sustainable products, with 52% having changed their purchasing behaviours to contribute to climate protection.


DHL's GoGreen Plus service is made possible through strategic collaborations with BP and Neste to procure more than 800 million litres of SAF, as well as an agreement with World Energy to purchase approximately 668 million litres of SAF via sustainable aviation certificates.

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