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April 9, 2024

DHL Express has opened a new, eco-friendly facility in Hong Kong, the HKD$1.5 billion DHL Express Hong Kong West Service Center (KWC), which is fully automated and supports DHL's long-term growth plan and infrastructure investments in Hong Kong.


The facility in Hong Kong has become the first service centre to receive the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification. The centre has taken sustainability into account throughout the design and operational processes to ensure that it aligns with the company's 2050 net-zero emissions mission.


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 [Source: DHL Express]

In the announcement, DHL said the new facility —which boosted an increase of over 90% in the site area —is now more efficient with enhanced capacity to address the increasing demand for international express services within the city and from around the world.


It features a fully automated sorting system, and the new facility can handle over 50,000 shipments a day and highlights a double increase in sorting capacity compared to its predecessor. 


The facility is also newly equipped with inline reweighing and dimensioning machines and 100% inline X-ray screening to facilitate greater operational efficiency and accuracy in shipment handling.


"The recent launch of our expanded Central Asia Hub at the Hong Kong International Airport and the opening of this fully automated Hong Kong West Service Center strengthen our network and capabilities. It also reinforces our commitment to enhancing Hong Kong's position as an international trade and logistics hub," said Andy Chiang, senior vice president and managing director of DHL Express Hong Kong and Macau.


"At DHL, we keep sustainability close to heart. Earning the first LEED Gold certification for our service centre in Hong Kong is a testament to our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint across all operations. DHL will continue to invest in low-emission solutions, sustainable energy sources, greener vehicle fleet and facilities to further enhance operational efficiency while minimizing the environmental impact," he added.


Growing trade demand


DHL said the timely unveiling of this new facility is aligned with the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's plan to develop the city into a sustainable, international, smart logistics hub focusing on high-value goods and e-commerce markets.


The completion of the Three Runway System in Hong Kong this year, along with the projected increase of the city's exports by 4% to 6%, offers great potential for business opportunities. This, combined with the growth potential of the Greater Bay Area, makes the new facility a promising investment.


Key sustainable features of KWC include expandable electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, with the capacity to support over 30 EV chargers and meet DHL Express’ future demands of EV fleet expansion; 100% battery-operated forklifts to reduce carbon emissions; building management system and smart meters are deployed for remote monitoring and control of energy consumption; and all lightings are equipped with dimmable LEDs powered by smart controls, thereby minimizing electricity consumption.


It also features a highly efficient air-conditioning system and big ceiling fans are installed for better ventilation and more efficient energy consumption.


DHL said the new KWC enjoys direct access to Hong Kong's major transport network being strategically located in the Tuen Mun West —a dedicated logistics site assigned by the HKSAR Government to support modern logistics development.


It is only a 20-minute drive to the Hong Kong International Airport via the Tuen Chek tunnel, and it is close to container terminals and mainland China.

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